Be Uncomfortable: Lessons for Success with Scott Simons

Be Uncomfortable: Lessons for Success with Scott Simons

In today’s episode, Scott Simons – the all-American business expert, as well as the managing partner and president of Carter Myers Automotive, shares his views on being uncomfortable and carving our own opportunities from the discomfort.


Be uncomfortable, Scott remarks, for it’s in the discomfort that allows you to notice your surroundings and recognize your path to a better future. Work hard and be good to your neighbor. Scott Simons hails from one of the poorest counties in USA, namely McDowell County in West Virginia, which is known for its coal mine economy. While he admired the bravery of the miners, Scott was aware about his claustrophobia from an early age, which is why he strived to get a degree and become a car dealership. It marked the beginning of a journey which now makes him an expert sales strategist and business owner. 


Learn from your wins, but also learn from your mistakes and failures, Scott explains. However, solo learning will only take you so far. You need to get back to your community. Most importantly, share your wins and mistakes with others in your community so that we can all learn collectively and be inspired each day. Networking, sharing our knowledge and forming a support system for others in our community is what helps us scale in life, according to Scott.

Scott maintains that it’s important to network and make new connections, but it’s your intention that will help you strengthen the connection. Do you intend to serve the connections you meet – be it with helpful leads, a much needed solution, or a good word – or do you simply intend to bombard them with your business promotions? Scott’s take: Stay humble, and think how you can serve them and then turn the conversation back over to them. 

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